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Classes begin at 9:45am and are available for all ages.

SUNDAY SCHOOL… children, young people, and adults…learning more about Jesus and growing in the knowledge of His Word.


are involved in making the world a better place
have gifts and use them in God’s service
celebrate that they are part of God’s community and participate in it grow closer to God and follow God’s ways by learning about Jesus
love the Bible and want to understand it
develop an informed, mature, and deep spiritual life
rely on God’s Holy Spirit throughout life

Please join us each week as we learn more about:

God’s love for us, as revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ
The Holy Spirit’s guidance in our daily lives
The divinely inspired Word of God, the HOLY BIBLE
How we, as Christians, can improve our day-to-day relationship with our Creator and Redeemer…the one, true God.

Sunday School…it’s worth an extra hour a week.

Traditional worship service begins at 11:00am. It’s a wonderful opportunity to come together with the body of Christ for music, praise, and worship followed by hearing the Word. Come just as you are!

Before the Service, speak to a friend…

During the Service, speak to the Lord…

After the Service, speak to your neighbor.

The Service for the Lord’s Day

(In prayerful silence, meditate on these words)

“Whosoever thou art that entereth this church,
Remember it is the House of God.
Be reverent, be attentive, be thoughtful,
And leave it not without prayer to God
For thyself, for those who minister here,
And for those who worship here.”

The Gathering for Worship

The Prelude
The Lighting of the Candles
The Chiming of the Hour


Choral Call to Worship

Hymn of Adoration

Prayer of Adoration
The Lord’s Prayer

Affirmation of Faith

Gloria Patri


The Call to Confession

Unison Prayer of Confession

Silent Prayer of Confession

Assurance of Pardon

The Word of God and Our Response

The Peace of Christ

Ministry of Hospitality

The Call for the Offering

The Offertory


Prayer of Dedication
Pastoral Prayer

The Ministry of Music

The Reading of the Word



Hymn of Commitment




Small group Bible study starts at 6:00pm, where we have loved Christ and ministered in his name for more than 125 years. Enjoy a mid-week break from school and work as we learn more about God’s Word.

Come join us every Tuesday for an in-depth study right from the Bible. This is a service just for you.